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What You Should Expect In Your Digital Marketing Strategy

The Tribe
March 7, 2022

Working with a Digital Marketing agency is a must in 2022 and beyond. As you begin to move your business forward into the digital advertising realm and establish a strong brand, it is imperative to have a strategy outlined. If this is your first time working with an agency, a strategy can sound daunting, but we’re here to walk you through what you should expect in any Digital Marketing Strategy, and why each component is important.

Marketing Goals: Starting with a great foundation

Similar to a house, every Digital Marketing Strategy should start with a great foundation. This foundation should be the Marketing Goals and Objectives that your business is hoping to accomplish as you move forward into transforming into a brand.Marketing Goals are critical to any great strategy because you must know how the strategy is going to work, and what it is aiming for. These goals should be clear and concise. The more complex the goals are, the further away the achievement of these goals may start to seem.HubSpot outlines that Marketing Goals/Objectives should answer the questions: What, How, and Why. Arguably the most important question to ask is why? You should always be able to conclude as to why a Marketing Goal is being outlined, so you know what it will accomplish for your business.We recommend having three, clear and measurable goals. These must always make sense to what your business or brand is trying to achieve, and they must be measurable in order to track success.

Who Is Your Audience?

Now that you have your Marketing Goals outlined in the strategy, it is important to see who the strategy is going to be communicating to and why.Your strategist should be able to go over each audience segment that they identified, and give you their thought-process behind why this audience segment is important to target. says that target marketing is essential because it allows you to focus your marketing dollars on an audience that is more inclined to buy your product or service. As you build your brand and marketing around it, efficiency is key, especially with ad spending. Audience segmentation is important in figuring out who resonates with your brand the most, so defining these different segments and breaking down why marketing efforts are being directed towards them will only help you see the bigger picture for the strategy and its success.


Key Performance Indicators are what the strategy will measure up to, and how you can track the performance of different initiatives.Each KPI should be partnered with a short definition that outlines what this KPI is and why we are tracking this. Remember that each KPI should be related back to a specific part of the strategy, so you can understand why it is being tracked, to begin with. Key Performance Indicators come in all shapes and forms. Some of the most common ones are: Conversion Rate, Brand Awareness, Cost per Acquisition, and Marketing Qualified Leads. As mentioned, there are many different possible KPIs to track, and CoSchedule does a great job in listing examples of KPIs that can be tracked related to the different potential marketing initiatives.Overall, a Digital Marketing Strategy should make sense to you and what you envision for your business as it evolves into a brand. If each part is explained correctly and thoroughly, most of your questions should be answered. The question we hope is always answered is the why. Why is any of this important to achieve success for your brand? Most importantly, why this Digital Marketing Strategy is projected to work. Now it’s time to go and turn your business into a brand! Find out more about Tribu’s Marketing Services and to see businesses that we have turned into brands, check out our work.


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