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Starting a Business Podcast: Four Ways It Can Boost Your Brand

The Tribe
June 15, 2021

From well-known names and businesses like Megan Markle and McDonald’s, to people with smaller platforms like your 16-year-old neighbor, it seems like everyone and their dog is hosting a podcast these days. New, fun and intriguing podcasts continue to pop up every day, and you may be starting to wonder if it is the right move for your business.

Creating a great podcast will take a lot of work, time, and dedication, but here are just a few of the reasons you should consider leaping into the audio world:

Growing Market

The shutdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic caused people to take up many new activities and hobbies. A large new audience began listening to podcasts as a way to fill their time during quarantine. Even now as the world reopens and people are returning to their normal activities, the popularity of podcasts is only continuing to grow.

Spotify alone is expected to reach 28.2 million monthly podcast listeners by the end of 2021. The world of podcasting has the potential to get your customers engaged with your business in a new and compelling way.

Personal Connection

The goal of branding is to tell your company’s unique story and forge a strong connection and loyalty with your customers. Podcasts are ultimately a more intimate channel than most other types and are perfect for sharing what makes your company special.

Speaking in a casual tone allows listeners to feel as if they are having a fun and engaging conversation with a friend. Whether you choose a humorous, informational, or inspirational format, podcasts allow you to express what your brand is all about in a more in-depth way while still staying authentic and personable.

Listening is Easier

Let’s face it, people are busy and are always trying to find ways to multitask. Where blogs and videos require visual attention, podcasts allow for listeners to tune in while on the go.

The average American spends about 27 minutes traveling to and from work each day, so a short podcast episode fits perfectly into a daily commute. Morning runs or cleaning the kitchen also provide an ideal opportunity to listen to a stimulating podcast.

Content Can Be Repurposed

Who doesn’t love killing two birds with one stone? Producing a quality podcast episode can easily provide transferable content for your other social media accounts.

Clips of funny moments, thought-provoking questions, or intriguing statistics could all make for fantastic Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn posts.

Either directly posting an episode transcript or writing up a simple summary both translate well to blog posts without much work. Your blog and your podcast may have different audiences and can help you reach several target markets.

Making a successful podcast isn’t easy, but if you believe it’s the right move for your business, and you’re committed to creating engaging content, it can increase brand loyalty, reach new consumer audiences, and become a versatile asset.

Podcasting is only one of the many ways to boost your business’s brand. Are you looking for other ways to elevate your company’s marketing?

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