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5 Brands That You Wouldn't Expect To Be Good At Social Media But Are

The Tribe
July 25, 2019

Social Media has become a crucial part in our daily lives, and brands know this.It is hard to imagine a day without going on Instagram and browsing through your feed for at least a couple of minutes, liking eye-catching posts that we notice for a few seconds. We find ourselves following brands that align with our values, personalities and likings; brands that actually bring some joy to our social media routines. However, not all of these brands are global names that you actually use on a daily basis.When browsing through my Instagram and Twitter feeds I found it amusing that I’m following (and engaging with) some brands that are not typically in my purchasing list. Why? Because they’re either funny, inspiring, aesthetically pleasing, or provide easy DIY ideas that I hope to someday actually attempt.There are many brands that you would not imagine to have such a strong social media game, brands that we could actually learn something from when working on providing stellar social content. Some of these include:

Califia Farms

A staple for health fanatics, Califia Farms is one of the most popular non-dairy milk brands out there. With low sugar content and healthy ingredients, they are a must in your diet, but they’re also a must in your Instagram feed.Why? They’re not only aesthetically pleasing with a coordinated color-palette and content formats, but they actually post relevant content that you can re-create. With easy to follow recipes that you can make using their products (or any non-dairy brand, really), Califia Farms is true to their company’s values while still producing content that their followers wish to engage with.For food and beverage brands, it is crucial to post creative content that provides relevance to their audiences, and Califia Farms accomplishes that with flying colors.


Twitter is all about posting your opinions and engaging with others who feel similarly. In my opinion, humor is essential in my Twitter feed. I enjoy reading short, funny tweets that I really relate to. A brand that I don’t consume often, but twitter-stalk occasionally is Wendy’s.Wendy’s has established their Twitter brand as humorous and entertaining. They do not only interact with their followers, but engage with other users who are tweeting about their competition. Despite this tactic being a little risky, the bashing of their competitors has their followers constantly cracking up.Not only is the Wendy’s account hilarious, but it has generated awareness on the brand’s authenticity. By introducing their sassy personality into their content, they’re always at the back of their follower’s minds when deciding what their next fast-food treat will be.

National Geographic

Although I don’t ever find myself watching NatGeo on TV, I believe that following their Instagram account provides many benefits to my daily routine. Through jaw dropping photography, the National Geographic Instagram is filled with stories about wildlife, culture, places, and more.Every picture they post has a story behind it, a story that every follower definitely learns from. By being able to experience other perspectives and lifestyles, I get to visualize breathtaking moments captured through these photos. Their photos don’t only tell stories, but they share information about important events or issues occurring throughout the globe.The mix of aesthetics and cultural-richness plays out wonderfully for National geographic, with every post generating thousands of likes and comments coming from individuals all around the world. By portraying the importance of taking care of the world, they keep true to their brand values while still being relevant on social platforms.


Another brand with an outstanding social media presence is Barbie. Although I started to follow the brand due to the nostalgia of wanting to remember my days playing with Barbies, I keep on following them because of the content they produce.Surprisingly, the Barbie Instagram is not your typical toy account, it is not targeted towards children. Barbie does an amazing job at producing content aimed specifically for the new millennial parents, parents who want their children to play with products that actually have an impact on them.By producing content about their products having specific meaning, telling stories behind each doll, and creating posts about impactful characters, Barbie’s every post is inspiring. Of course, the aesthetic aspect is on point as well, but by catering their content around issues such as female empowerment, body positivity, equality, and such, the Barbie Instagram is for sure one to follow.


Finally, another brand that has a killer Twitter game is Charmin. Yes, Charmin, the toilet-paper brand! With hilarious tweets and quirky hashtags, Charmin has managed to achieve a large number of followers who interact with them on a daily basis.Charmin has revolutionized the social game for brands for such common daily products you need, such as toilet paper. With funny posts, constant interactions, and funny hashtags such as #enjoythego and #tweetfromtheseat, the brand has established their personality through every single tweet.Not only do they do this through humor, but I love how they’re always on top of the latest cultural trends and events, making their product relevant to anything that might be going on.

Although these are just some of the most surprisingly exceptional brands that I follow on my social media platforms, I’m sure that there’s many more to add to the list. I encourage you to keep an eye out for some other brands to follow, it is sometimes the most unexpected products that we can learn from when it comes to engagement.

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