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What Sesame Street Taught Me About Content Marketing

July 7, 2023

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Elmo Knows Content Marketing

If you read one of my previous blogs “From Mainstage To Webpage, Entertainer To Copy Writer”, you would know that outside of working in content marketing at Tribu - I perform part-time for a few family theme parks in the area, including SeaWorld San Antonio. This park is home to the Bay Of Play, a product of Sesame Street Workshop.

As we are gearing up for Summer productions including shows and parades, I have been in close contact with a lot of their marketing efforts which got me thinking. Elmo and friends are low-key geniuses when it comes to content marketing: embracing personality, thinking creatively, and appealing to audiences big and small.

Bert Is Great At Content Marketing

Embrace Personality

Sesame Street began as an inclusive program that could serve as both entertainment and education for young children. What is more appealing than furry monsters and felt muppet puppets? The brand characters have not only fun looks and colors, but each has distinct personalities that they embrace unapologetically. Their ability to fearlessly accept themselves and others provides encouragement for young people who may see themselves as a little “different.” Instead of perceiving that as a negative, differences are celebrated on Sesame Street! 

When brands are willing to take risks that feel authentic to them, the opportunities are endless. From funky brand colors and unique verbiage - a business's tone, voice, and feel can ultimately invite a consumer into their community and trust gets built from staying genuine to their authentic selves.

Think Creatively

Children’s education and curriculum can seem straightforward, but Sesame Street goes beyond the ABCs and 123s. According to Sesame Street Workshop, their mission is to help create “smarter, stronger, and kinder” kids. The blend of simple concepts with an imaginative angle brings learning and play together.

Sometimes, that is just it. Companies in similar industries often provide the same services. So the question becomes, “How might my business stand out from the rest?” When differentiators aren’t enough on their own, you must think strategically about how to stay creative when it comes to marketing your offerings. Sesame Street is first class when it comes to repurposing lessons that have been around for generations, by making them interesting and enjoyable.

Wide Audience Appeal

With over 50 seasons that span 7 decades, Sesame Street is one of the longest-running television series in American history. Generations of young children have grown up watching these programs. 

Sure, the material is often mistaken solely for a younger audience. However, topics like self-care and sharing aren’t lost on the older demographic. The content is relatable on and off screen - and bleeds through their social media handles (which tend to comment on real-time events and conversations, keeping them relevant in today’s society and across a wide array of ages and backgrounds).

Sesame Street makes content marketing look like a breeze. Bold characters, creative concepts with clear messaging, and a wide range of followers make them an incredibly successful franchise. Interested in increasing your efforts on social or otherwise? “Tribu Creative lives at the intersection of creativity and strategy.” Check out our services today and learn how we can build your brand together! 


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