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Importance of Social Media Engagement

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We all have made technological advances when it comes to marketing, whether it has been search engine optimization, email marketing or social media posts and blogs. Social media in particular has changed the old fashioned but effective word of mouth marketing, it has been utilized to be significant when creating a positive image for a company and has revolutionized the world of digital marketing today.

What is Engagement in Marketing?

When you implement engagement in marketing, you create meaningful interactions with people rather than creating broad advertisements but instead are more intimate and create a one on one experience. The more one on one experiences the more value for your team.

Why is Engagement Important?

Popularity seems like a driving force when it comes to advertising and creating the most out of a company's exposure, but when we break down the simplicity of one type of marketing value the proper use of social media is key to enhancing exposure. When you create the best experience or incredible quality of a brand it ties into the values of your company and creates an idea a person has made about your brand. Utilizing social media whether it be Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, emphasizing natural engagement and can create a positive experience for someone whether they're praising a product or are unsatisfied, creating that concern or acknowledgement allows people to feel like they matter.

Social Media Engagement Advantages

Digital Marketing has made innovative changes in the way it works on social media, the narrative is that when someone gains a good experience they tell their friends, but now people have access to show their friends. With social media, companies and brands are able to visually display what their company or product brings to the table. Many times people might be satisfied with your product or service and that's when social media can be of great use. Posting people's testimonials allows others to see the satisfaction someones had with your service and allows more traffic towards your website or social media page. The way your Twitter or Facebook page interact with your customers allows people to gain an understanding of how often your company interacts and allows people to see what kind of content you post and perceive your overall brand awareness. This back and forth interaction gives a person a more meaningful interaction and experience when they are heard or replied to on a post or message, this makes the difficulty of gaining new customers/clients easier.


One way of creating more engagement is creating exciting offers on social media that triggers users to be much more compliant to engage with you this also adds value to their interaction with your brand. Offering an incentive on instagram for example could be “leave a comment on our latest post and receive 20% off” or “post us on your story for a chance to win ______.” These types of engagements entice customers to view your page often and get more involved as well as expand your exposure to their friends and followers.

Quality content

The quality of your content can ensure the quantity of people visiting your page. You want to create the best content strategy along with content that someone wants to share or like, the idea is to create more familiarity and comfort so that people want to engage in the content you're posting, this allows opportunity for conversation and answering promotional questions.

Analytics and boosting your brand

When you create an interactive and fun environment on the web with customers you create more exposure, this is where analytics can be beneficial. Social media analytics allows you to calculate the and analyze how much exposure you're receiving and when you're receiving it. Suppose now you notice that you receive more page visits each time you interact with someone on twitter or facebook this is a good way of recognizing how much you should use your social media in order to gain more viewers and page visits for your brand.

Make a Lasting impression

Engagement can lead to loyalty to your brand or creating new customers who have heard of your interactions, remember that people buy into the type of service and experience as much as they do the product, and using social media is the best way to enforce positive engagement and positive results. If you’re ready to enhance your social media engagement, we’re ready to help!


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