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Devils River Coffee Bourbon: Product Line Extension Marketing

The Tribe
October 20, 2020

An early adopter of the coffee bourbon trend, Devils River Whiskey introduced their new line extension this summer. At the beginning of 2020 (ah - remember those pre-corona days?), the tribe began crafting a strategy to help ensure this new product was a hit. Our goal: bottles off the shelves. Here’s how we did it.

It All Started With The Label

With coffee stains and deep brown tones, we created a rustic aesthetic appeal to match the ‘craft’ element of their brand.

devils river coffee bourbon bottle

Brainstorming The Brand To Life

Nike says ‘Just Do It’, McDonald’s says ‘I’m Lovin It’, Devils River Coffee Bourbon says… Wake Your Spirit.

We needed a rational message that could be plastered on trade material and billboards, an emotive message for consumers, and a call-to-action to encourage people to purchase (remember our goal: bottles off shelves). 'Wake Your Spirit' did all of this.Of course, we also needed a hashtag. Check out #STEEPEDSINFULLY for a feed full of caffeine-fueled whiskey.

If It’s Not On The Internet, It Isn’t Legit

Well, this isn’t exactly true, but it may as well be. We designed and built a page on the Devils River Whiskey website where consumers can find more information about the product - they can read the story, view the ingredients, enjoy cocktail recipes, and buy the product online.

website design coffee whiskey devils river

Reaching The Target Audience With Google Search Ads

If someone happened to be searching for coffee whiskey, we wanted this product to be front and center.

google ads management san antonio devils river whiskey

Social Media Strategy

This is where we began putting the label design, the tagline, and the product out into the world. Below is the 3-phase strategy we executed. Step 1. Build Anticipation.We aim to tease. We began building anticipation and curiosity through a series of teaser posts. The goal of this was to create awareness and start collecting email addresses ready for the launch date.

coffee bourbon social media

Step 2. Announce the Arrival With Pride (One of Their Brand Values)“Just when you thought we couldn’t get any smoother. Say hello to Devils River Coffee Bourbon.”

social media strategy san antonio coffee bourbon

Step 3. Influence!Through original content and influencer collaborations, we showed the coffee bourbon’s versatility and all the fun that can be had with it. Whether it’s enjoyed iced in the summer, hot in the winter, or at the bar all year long - there’s an inviting way for everyone to enjoy.

paid influencer partnership maraketing devils river whiskey
coffee bourbon cocktails influencer marketing

Retargeting and Driving Consideration

As our target audience switches between apps on their phone and browses the internet, we followed them around to remind them and get deep into their subconscious. From Google Display Ads to YouTube Ads, we cross-promoted Coffee Bourbon on multiple channels.

google display ads devils river coffee bourbon

Caffeinating Your Inbox

Leveraging your existing audience when you launch a new product is one of the easiest ways to drive sales. If they're subscribed to your newsletter or have purchased from you in the past, they're likely already brand advocates and will be thrilled to hear about a new product. Also, almost everyone uses email. It's an easy and affordable way to get your message out there.

Email marketing coffee whiskey devils river

And with all of that... Devils River Coffee Bourbon is now available for Devils Advocates to sip, mix in a cocktail, and even bake cupcakes with.Ready to wake your marketing spirit? Have a product or service you want the world to see? Need a digital marketing agency to help grow your tribe? Contact us, pronto.


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