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Email Marketing During COVID-19

The Tribe
August 26, 2020

Over the past few months, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected nearly every business and consumer across all industries. As we were told to avoid mass gatherings, in-person marketing and events have been put on hold for the foreseeable future if not canceled all-together. While many people are staying home or working from home, it is imperative that you are communicating and staying connected with your target market through effective email marketing campaigns. As the pandemic lingers, businesses may be unsure of how to approach email marketing campaigns, and that’s what Tribu is here for! Here are our top 3 tips for email marketing during COVID-19.

Be Empathetic

COVID-19 has impacted everyone in different ways, so you must come across as genuine and empathetic in your email marketing campaigns. In every email you send, you should try to find a balance between executing the promotional push and having concern for your customer. You can achieve this balance by staying up to date on the relevant things happening in the world and how they affect your customers. Be there for your customers and try asking what your business can do to help them. Being empathetic in emails will come across as considerate and helpful for the people struggling through these chaotic times.

Personalize Your Message

As soon as COVID-19 cases picked up in the US, consumers' inboxes were flooded with the blast email messages every company sent out to address the situation. Most, if not all were deleted or ignored completely because they didn’t provide the information that was relevant to them. Even if you are sending an email to a mass list of people, mentioning the recipient’s name or company is a small personal touch that would go a long way to leaving a favorable impression. It would be even better if you could segment your email lists to keep similar people in relevant groupings. When your email lists are properly segmented, it will be even easier to personalize your message and speak directly to what your customers are going through.

Your Email Content Should Provide Value

While we are still in the midst of the pandemic, your customers must find value in the things they’re reading in your emails. Reevaluating how your customer’s priorities have changed over the past few months will help you to highlight and push different items that make the most sense for them during this time. You can also provide value for your customers by offering discounts or promoting sales. If your email lands in the inbox of someone who is struggling financially at the moment, then sales and discounts are a perfect way to pique their interest. You should also include relevant calls to action throughout the email that aren’t too “sales-y,” but instead encourage people to engage with your website or read a blog. Every email you send out should only include the relevant informative content, otherwise, your email will just be seen as something taking up space in an inbox.

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