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Ask yourself these 4 questions before you choose your final design.

The Tribe
November 25, 2022

1. Does the design clearly set your company apart from your competitors?

Companies that share a similar look and feel within the same industry can be very confusing for consumers. While you may like what another company is doing with their brand and/or graphics, it is well advised to think outside the box and push the boundaries within your industry. This will help your company clearly stand out for customers and prevent brand confusion - the last thing you want is to spend thousands of dollars on digital marketing, advertising, and graphic design only to have a potential customer purchase a competitor's product and/or service by mistake.

2. Does your design have one clear message or call to action?

People see advertisements all day every day. We are all consistently marketed to. We are seeing more ads than any other time in history on a daily and even hourly basis (if not more). So you want your message, product or service to stand out from the ever so busy world around us, right? Here are a few basic design to-do's to make this possible. Your call to action should be simple, easy to find and understandable to your target market. Keep your design clean and simple to read for the appropriate media. So I know you love that script font you've seen everywhere but it might not be the best choice for a billboard. Don't crowd your designs with paragraphs of text when a simple description will suffice. Most ads are meant to entice your consumers to visit a website or landing page where there they can deep dive into your company. There's no need to tell the whole story on a social media ad about every product you sell or every last detail of your services or what your company's mission statement is. There's a time and place for everything. Think of it as a first date - you don't want to tell your entire life story the first time you meet someone, it can be overwhelming to say the least and a bit standoffish.

3. Does the design align with your KPI's or company goals?

This seems pretty straight forward, right? Is what you're saying aligned with your company's main objective? Maybe...maybe not, but hopefully yes. You want to make sure your current ad campaign is doing what you want it to do. Is it driving sales, creating brand awareness, promoting a new product or whatever your "end goal" is should be the focus for the said campaign. We don't want any confusion for the consumer with too many messages.

4. Is the content well suited for the platform?

Are you posting paragraphs of text in an Instagram post??? If you are, then shame on you, SHAME! Look, whether or not we want to admit it, we as humans don't want to read massive amounts of text when we are consuming "entertainment." An image, graphics or a combination of them can speak louder and cross language barriers. The point here is to make the content you have appropriate for the platform. Sounds easy and pretty simple but we've all seen those ads that just don't belong and are executed poorly.

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