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Is Your Website Optimized for 2023?

January 4, 2023

Your business' website will be updated multiple times through 2023. It's almost inevitable for your website to have changes to keep up with your business and to be successful. You may have campaigns, updates to copy, possibly additional products or services, and growth to your team throughout the year. You could have a period where nothing changed and then possibly a period where you needed everything to change. You may also have to make changes quickly and because of that, you haven't taken the appropriate steps to make sure those website optimization changes were done with SEO in mind.

“Will this cause me to lose viewers on my website?”
Yes, it will, and quickly if we don’t do something about it now.

Google looks at a lot of things when it decides how to rank your website. It looks at the words on your website, the images, and the blog posts. It also looks at how often people search for things related to your website. If your website has relevant information compared to other websites in your industry, then it is more likely to show up on the first search result that people see. Other things on your website, like pictures, are important too. Google indexes them for their value even though they don't have words. If you want your website to succeed, you need to add new pictures, sections, and pages on a regular basis. If you don't do this right, it will make your website look bad and fewer people will see it. Other people in your industry will have nicer websites that get more traffic than yours. This means that your website will get even fewer customers. Tribu would not let this happen to your website… This New Year, Tribu is going to help your website get more leads for growing your business. Tribu wants to make sure that everything is optimized properly so that your website’s authority is strong this year. This will set you up for success and provide you with an easy starting template to help you be on top of your website’s SEO over the competition.

“Where do I start?”

Image Optimization

Google looks at the pictures on websites to help understand what the website is about. If a website's pictures are not labeled correctly, it will be harder for Google to understand what the website is about and people will have a harder time finding it. Every photo should have a meta-description, which is a short explanation of what is happening in the photo. If a photo ever doesn't show up, the meta-description will help visitors know what the photo should have been. This also tells Google what your website is about. In addition to images, it's important to have the correct naming and meta descriptions. Make sure to optimize size too. You want images to be small without affecting quality because this will make your website run faster and reduce the number of visitors who leave immediately.


Every time you add something new to your website, Google tracks it. This way, when people use Google to look for something, it can show them websites that might have what they're looking for. Make sure that every page on your website has the right keywords and descriptions so people can find it easily. You may have updated your Services page, but you didn't update the page meta description. Now you want to rank for a new keyword, but you won't be able to because the page description and the words on the page haven't been updated yet. Google hasn't completely indexed the page to reflect these changes. Every website must have a Page Meta description. This helps viewers and Google find relevant search results in their area for things they want to see. Examples of websites with a good Page Meta description are

Showing the meta description of the home page for Escape Room SA
Search Result of

Reviewing Design

Your website may need to be updated entirely. You want to make sure your website has some new designs that will attract visitors in the new year. If you have a website that was not gaining viewers, it may also be due to the design, not being optimized. If people weren’t getting the information, they’re not gonna go back to it if it doesn’t have the necessary changes and updates needed to grow your growth on the Internet. A website needs to be designed and developed with the importance of your viewers in mind. Websites have become a reflection of business now and so it is important that they are kept up-to-date and looking good or else it could deter people from doing business with you. Texas Margarita Factory worked with Tribu to update its look and become a more recognizable brand in San Antonio. Tribu helped them with new designs, including a new logo and graphics, which were then implemented into the website.

Texas Margarita Factory Website Before
Texas Margarita Factory Website 2022 Before Being Updated
Texas Margarita Factory Website After
Texas Margarita Factory Website 2022 After Being Updated

Keyword Word Updates

If you are not getting the results you want, it may be because of the words on your website. You can check this by running your website through a service like This will show you your website's authority score, what keywords your website is ranking for, and how well you're doing compared to other websites. This information will help you create pages that are more focused on your specific industry and that will rank higher on Google. To be prepared for 2023, this list of action items should help you improve your website quality. This has to be done regularly and takes a lot of time, which can be hard to do on top of running a business. That is why Tribu is always looking to lend a hand and help build your business. We want to ensure that you get the highest quality work that will help your brand be even stronger this New year.

Tribu helps businesses turn into brands.

We do this by updating their look and feel with new logos, designs, graphics, and copy. We also redesign websites that we custom-build. Our goal is to build a brand that is strong and can be easily found online and on social media. To do this, we have a team of digital marketers who are experts in getting your brand's information out there for people to see. Visit our website to see how we can help you get ready for 2023. You can also see some of our other work on websites like,,, and


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