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Lights, Camera, Action: Three Ways to Use Video Marketing to Your Advantage

The Tribe
June 29, 2021

It’s no doubt that attention spans are becoming more and more limited. Keeping someone’s focus long enough for them to read through long newsletters or web copy is a challenge. Luckily, in the constantly evolving field of digital marketing, people are always finding clever and innovative ways to get your business’s brand, message, and image across.

One vital aspect of digital marketing that has been on the rise over the past few years is the use of eye-catching video content in your marketing efforts. We’re not just talking about TV commercials, we’re talking about using video as content in other innovative and unique ways.


Over the last year, the pandemic necessitated adaptation in many areas of our daily lives. A large portion of our interactions were disrupted and moved to the virtual realm of the internet. Zoom meetings and google hangouts took over our lives for school, work, and social calls. Because of this societal change, video chats and online web conferences have become ingrained in our way of life, and that’s not likely to change anytime soon, even with the easing up of pandemic restrictions.

Webinars allow companies to spread the word far and wide across the internet about their products in an in-depth way and be seen as thought leaders in their fields. The ability to tune in from anywhere in the world permits a farther-reaching audience and greater convenience for your consumers. Facebook and Instagram Lives are excellent channels for increased user engagement through conducting interviews, insider looks, and product demos.


If your business’s target audience skews younger (around 16-24), you should be taking advantage of TikTok. It’s projected that TikTok will have around 89 billion U.S. users by 2024...that’s a pretty large audience that your business video content could reach.

Because TikTok is a relatively new social media platform, business video content can perform pretty well organically. TikTok is a platform where you can truly flex your creative muscles and connect with your consumer audience by showing the fun, imaginative, casual side of your brand.

Personalized Videos

Personalization is the name of the game when it comes to marketing. Customers need to feel like they are cared about as an individual and see that their needs are being met. One simple way to fulfill this need is by personalizing your communications with leads and consumers through one on one video messages.

Seeing a face and hearing a voice instantly creates a deeper connection than simply reading words from an email or even talking on a phone call. Smartphone cameras are high enough quality these days that creating a quick video message is cheap and effective while still maintaining high standards. Next time you want to send a thank-you note, offer product support, or follow up on a lead, consider using a video message instead for an extra touch of individualization.

Video Content

If you are wondering whether video marketing is something you should add to your digital marketing strategy, check out this telling data:

  • 84% of marketers attribute positive lead generation to their video marketing
  • 87% of marketers claim that they’ve received a positive ROI from their video content
  • 84% of consumers reported being influenced to purchase a product after watching a product demo video

It’s pretty obvious that video isn’t a trend that’s about to fade anytime soon. Want to get in on the action and make exceptional and professional video advertisements and organic content for your business? You’ve come to the right place.

Tribu Creative ad agency will soon be adding video production capabilities to our list of marketing services that we offer.

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