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Is It Time For A Logo Redesign?

The Tribe
April 26, 2016

Those golden arches –That swoosh –That mermaid-looking lady with the green accents –That apple with the perfectly circular bite –


Logos are brand shorthand. People refer to and remember products through these simplistic visual representations. Tribu does not see a logo as a brand itself, but rather an essential component of a brand. Quality graphic designers will understand that and make an effort to understand your brand before scrawling random shapes and selecting some sans serif font (sans much thought). Over the years, these widespread, recognizable examples have been transformed and refreshed to streamline their identities.You may be thinking, “My company already has a logo. It could be better, I guess, but it does the job. It’s good enough for a few more years… right?”Wrong – very wrong.Let’s take a look at your current logo for some introspection and serious meditation.

  • Is your logo memorable?
  • Is it distinctive?
  • Is it simple?
  • Does it work across all mediums? (In all shapes and sizes at various distances?)
  • Have you tested it with a variety of people?
  • Do you remember the last time a professional evaluated your logo?

If you answered no to at least three of these questions, well, you are in need of a new or revised logo, buddy. Lucky for you, you arrived at just the right place – a digital and design agency whose staff knows the ins and outs of tender logo loving care.Naturally, you have plenty of ideas and elements that you want to incorporate… I mean this small, conceptual design is supposed to epitomize who you are and what you stand for. Designing a new logo can be a trying creative and emotional process for that reason – attempting to squeeze so many thoughts into a tiny space. It requires a few rounds of revisions and advice from a professional before you find something that resonates.

Are Logos Really That Important?

Let’s not forget about the Airbnb fiasco of 2014. As a part of a rebranding campaign that refreshed the company’s website, Airbnb introduced a new, unfortunately shaped logo, and the world reacted accordingly.

If there’s anything this sexually shaped logo taught us, it’s that rebranding can sometimes go awry and people are most definitely paying attention to your logo. Check out Airbnb’s social media backlash.For some fundamental rules of logo design, let’s consult one of our favorite resources – Hubspot.

Hubspot’s 7 Principles of Kick-Ass Logo Design

  1. Keep it Simple
  2. Make it Memorable
  3. Make it Fresh
  4. Make it Modern Yet Timeless
  5. Make it Proportional and Well Balanced
  6. Make Sure all The Pieces Work Together
  7. Make it Versatile

Signs Your Company Needs a Logo Redesign

Logos have shelf lives and should be redesigned or fine-tuned to give your brand a fresh and up-to-date image. Staying relevant is essential in the eyes of your consumers.Is your logo any of the following?

  1. Old?
  2. Too trendy?
  3. Too complex?
  4. Not versatile?
  5. Similar to another logo?

Have you gone through significant company changes? Are new services being offered? Is the message of your product or service clear?If so, it may be time for a logo redesign.


Refresh a stagnant brand, signify new ownership or simply make your company more relevant to changing tastes without sacrificing recognition. Breathe life into even the most antiquated brand with a cleaner and more direct approach to logo design.Remember, even if you’re a decent drawer and on a tight budget, you should leave logo design to a trained graphic designer.P.S.Don’t kid yourself – logo generators are a sham.

Ready for that redesign? Hit us up for a consultation. If you’ve got the company, we’ve got the innovative designers and creative thinkers who are up for the task.

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