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How Can You Reach An Audience Segment On Dating Apps?

The Tribe
July 24, 2020

An advertising agency can create a ~love connection~ to build your tribe.You may not be spending time yet targeting buyers through apps like Tindr, Bumble, Plenty Of Fish — or the plethora of other free dating apps found on the typical Millenial’s or Gen Z’s smartphone — but your competitors are! You may be missing out on a big platform where a large portion of your audience is spending an astonishing 10 hours a week “swiping right” on many a brand. What’s “swiping right?” It’s young-person’s speak for wanting to learn more or connect with you. That’s what social media is all about — so let’s dive into new ways you can reach them!Creating and running ads on several different dating platforms falls under social media management. When your audience contains segments between the ages of 18-28, your brand is certainly already on Instagram, right? These same people who you’re trying to reach on Instagram, Twitter, and Google can be reached at a very specific time of their day: when they’re already in the mindset of making spontaneous “yes, I want this” decisions. Further, Tinder alone boasts over 100 million downloads. By purchasing ad space on dating apps, you can reach a large and specific demographic with an average CPC of just $1.72 for Tinder, with other dating apps averaging even less.

What Industries Can Benefit The Most From Ads On Dating Platforms?

Vices such as adult beverages, food vendors, or vacations & destinations find great success reaching their audience while they’re daydreaming about the next thing that can make them feel good. Users set their age in their dating profiles, so our partner Devil’s River Whiskey could target their ideal age group and exclude paying for users under the age of 21, easily.Entertainment industries such as Tribu’s partner Escape Room San Antonio set users up with neat first-date ideas and fuels their desires for things to do this weekend. Give users vivid imagery and compelling headlines to catch their eye right away. St. Paul’s Square caught the eye of many young ladies who sought pretty scenery and bright locations for taking their next profile pic during their Sunday brunch outing with all their friends.Health and beauty groups can target people who are trying to look and feel their best! Our partner Dr. Connie Hiers got to place her brand right in the hands of over 400k local, female San Antonio residents over the age of 18.

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How Do I Create A Tinder Ad?

Tinder’s, and any other dating app’s, ads are comprised of 5 basic elements:

  • An Image
  • A URL
  • A Headline
  • A Caption
  • A CTA

Sound like a social post? It’s similar! These ads should be optimized to be eye-catching and easy to read. Most people will swipe fairly quickly, so you want a clear, concise headline and memorable image. Keep your audience’s perspective in mind. What aspect of your business will capture their interest the quickest? Use high-quality images and save the headline for the most essential information while the caption does the heavy-lifting for extra details. Use emoticons to convey mood and tone quickly. Keep your ads’ “frequency” high enough to let your audience see your ads a few times a day, but don’t contribute to ad fatigue.Need an expert strategist to help you build a content marketing plan that’ll have your audience “swipe right” on your business? Reach out. We’re always happy to talk you through some of the finer points of developing a strong social media management plan that includes the apps your audience is spending the most time on.Contact us


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