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Do You, Like, Tweet All Day?

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May 7, 2018

What All Goes into Social Media, and Why Is It Important?

Believe it or not, I have been asked numerous times over the course of my career if I just tweet all day.Huh?While social media has grown into a real and booming career field over the past 10 years, it is important to continue to educate our peers and clients about the importance of social media and its capabilities in order to set realistic expectations and generate awareness on what exactly social media strategists do all day.Hint: We do not just tweet.

Social Duty #1: Strategy

Before jumping into social media tactics, social media strategists spend time planning the correct digital path to take based on a client’s goals, audience specifications, do’s and don’ts etc. We build out different advertising strategies, set geographic targeting specifications, craft example messages and call to action language and even offer creative ideas that could possibly be a great fit. This is all before even having access to the client’s social pages. Pair all that with a killer budget recommendation and next steps, and you’re ready to get client approval and start building content.

Social Duty #2: Content

Now that we have mapped the way, it is time to starting building all your content. Now, think about this. Maybe a client wants content for four social media channels every month. And you need about three pieces of content a week, per channel. That’s A LOT of content. Especially since this is only organic posts. We still need to build out all our ads for the month. Social strategists also work with designers to build all the creative for social media and offer creative execution guidance and ideas on a monthly basis.

Social Duty #3: Reporting

After your amazing month of content and ads are done running, social media strategists need to communicate how content and advertising performed - good or bad. We spend time combing through mountains of data and build reports that are not only thorough and comprehensive, but also easy to read and digest. Each client gets a report at the beginning of each month, including organic and paid social media data such as page growth, advertising performance, number of people reached, overall engagement and more for each of the channels we manage. We do all this because we love our clients and want to continue to provide value each month and prove return on investment.

Social Duty #4: Optimization

Now here’s a kicker. Social media strategists don’t just turn on social media ads, let them run all month long and never look at them again until the month is up. We jump into the advertising platforms weekly and make changes to ads based on performance - what placements are working, which audience demographics are stronger, which creative piece is liked most, etc. This keeps our performance up, keeps clients happy and serves as a best practice for client love and care.Social media strategists do not just tweet all day. We work hard and work smart to make sure we keep up with the ever-changing world of social media. Let us put our expertise to work for you!

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