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Did Social Media Revolutionize the Sneaker Industry?

The Tribe
July 19, 2022

Over the past few years, social media has played a significant factor in the way sneaker culture has evolved. It has changed the way people interact with brands, how people buy and sell sneakers, and how sneakers are marketed to consumers. Sneakerheads now have the luxury of finding their favorite shoes in a matter of seconds and buying them online without ever having to leave their house. The way we view and wear sneakers has forever changed.

The power of reselling sneakers with the help of social media

Social media has undoubtedly played a crucial role in the reselling of sneakers. Before social media, researching on the net was a poor solution to learning about details such as material, price, and release dates. Now it is possible to drive traffic through social media via Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, to name a few channels. What used to be a hobby for many has become a side hustle and even a full-time business.

People have cut out the middleman, by themselves, reselling new and used sneakers on social media. Here are some ways in which social media is currently fueling sneaker resale:

  1. Exposure on social media to highly anticipated new releases forces hoarding. This drives up demand for older models of certain shoes as previous versions sell out, creating a rewarding secondary market for consumers who want that particular shoe or specific brand.
  2. Facebook sneaker groups have allowed resellers all over the country to sell to other trusted resellers or sneakerheads without having to deal with large fees from secondary marketplaces such as Goat or StockX.
  3. Individual resellers and private stores are using Instagram's shopping feature to make their sneakers easily discoverable without spending money on advertising.

The Impact of Celebrities Posting Sneaker Content

With sneakers becoming a larger part of the fashion industry, many athletes and influencers have gained power. Celebrities have been known to showcase popular brands on social media and have influenced other people to purchase them. Something as simple as posting a story of a pair of sneakers will gain traction and popularity, leading to high sales for sneakers. Many celebrities post sneaker content for pre-released sneakers like the Travis Scott Jordan 1 Mocha, resulting in sellouts within minutes.

Social Media Marketing Turning Small Brands into Popular Brands

We often hear of known brands like Nike or Adidas when sneakers are in the convo. Small sneaker brands like CoolKicks and Complex gained popularity quickly by implementing social media marketing across various platforms like Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. For smaller businesses that can't afford expensive marketing strategies, social media is the perfect cost-effective option to help build a brand identity.

And building a strong following allows customers to connect with you easily—and makes it easier for them to promote your brand as well. I think it's safe to say that social media has become a necessary aspect of successful branding in today's world.

Take advantage and use as many social networks as possible to provide value to your audience and gain new customers. By giving them what they want and asking them what they want, you'll be able to learn more about your clientele as well as gain their trust as a brand.


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