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4 Tough Questions About Your Website Design Performance

The Tribe
November 14, 2022

If you have a business, then chances are you have a website. If you have a website, then you know the process to build a website can require a lot of time, planning, and money. Depending on who your web designer was, you could have come out of that process with a website design that wasn’t exactly what you were expecting. You might have even made the mistake of going into the process without knowing exactly what you wanted in the first place. Regardless of what path you took, you have a website, now it’s time to ask yourself 4 tough questions about your website performance to determine if this is where you stop, or if it’s time to seek out a new web designer.

Question #1: How did your website dress for work today?

Does your website look professional?

When you first saw your website, were you excited enough to show it off to friends and family? When someone asks you for your business card, do you hope they visit your site? If not, it’s probably because it doesn’t look exactly the way you want. Identifying the issue is the easy part, now you need to figure out what it is you want to see on your website. You started your business because you believed in an idea, what you really want from your website is for it to reflect that idea. If you’ve built a brand, your website should be an extension of that and stand out when someone visits it for the first time. That is exactly how the Muller and Lopez law firm felt when they came to Tribu for a website. We examined their brand and had a very productive Kickstarter meeting that lead to the production of this beautiful website design. The first thing you’ll notice is the smooth movement of the background video and the second thing you’ll notice is the smooth movement of the website, as it scrolls side to side. The law firm asked for a website that would help them stand out as a highly experienced boutique law firm. I believe we achieved that by rethinking what’s expected of a law firm's website. This was possible because they came in with a clear goal in mind, which is the next question you must answer about your current website.

Question #2: Does your website understand its job description?

What are the goals for your website?

If you built a website, you did so with some kind of goal in mind. You may have wanted it to help you get discovered by new customers, you may have wanted it to inform someone who is considering doing business with you about your product or services, or perhaps you needed a way to start the conversation with that new customer through forms/contact information, or maybe you wanted to complete the transaction right on the website… Whatever the case may be, you had a goal, now it’s time to assess whether or not your website is built to accomplish that goal. San Antonio Auto & Truck Show came to Tribu with the goal of informing potential customers/sponsors and selling tickets to their annual show. We accomplish this goal each year through carefully thought-out page layouts and Calls To Action (CTA). Every page is built with the goal of selling tickets, so we built a ticket purchase section into every page, and placed a CTA at the top. Every page is full of information to educate you on the event and entice you to click on one of our many CTAs and buy a ticket. Each year after the show we are able to see where visitors spent the most time on the site and where the sales came from. We adjust your strategy accordingly and attempt to scale the show next year. That strategy helps us meet our goal year after year, and that leads us t our next question.

Question #3: Does your website design have a plan or is it "just winging it"?

Is your website using a clear strategy to get to your goals?

Perhaps your website was built beautifully and with goals in mind. Is it working for you? If the answer is not a resounding yes, that is likely because you haven’t implemented a proper strategy using your website design. Without a strategy, your website may as well be a rocket ship without fuel, it will never get off the launch pad. When Dr. Connie Hiers came to Tribu, she wanted a beautiful website that educated potential clients about her services, but she also wanted the website to play a big role in increasing her bookings. We achieved this by building a website that focuses heavily on the monthly sales she offers. New visitors are greeted with sales information from the moment they land on her homepage. The hero slider offers different sales each month, they link to individual landing pages for each sale. Each landing page is custom-built for the sale and the time of year. /*! elementor - v3.8.0 - 30-10-2022 */ .elementor-image-gallery .gallery-item{display:inline-block;text-align:center;vertical-align:top;width:100%;max-width:100%;margin:0 auto}.elementor-image-gallery .gallery-item img{margin:0 auto}.elementor-image-gallery .gallery-item .gallery-caption{margin:0}.elementor-image-gallery figure img{display:block}.elementor-image-gallery figure figcaption{width:100%}.gallery-spacing-custom .elementor-image-gallery .gallery-icon{padding:0}@media (min-width:768px){.elementor-image-gallery .gallery-columns-2 .gallery-item{max-width:50%}.elementor-image-gallery .gallery-columns-3 .gallery-item{max-width:33.33%}.elementor-image-gallery .gallery-columns-4 .gallery-item{max-width:25%}.elementor-image-gallery .gallery-columns-5 .gallery-item{max-width:20%}.elementor-image-gallery .gallery-columns-6 .gallery-item{max-width:16.666%}.elementor-image-gallery .gallery-columns-7 .gallery-item{max-width:14.28%}.elementor-image-gallery .gallery-columns-8 .gallery-item{max-width:12.5%}.elementor-image-gallery .gallery-columns-9 .gallery-item{max-width:11.11%}.elementor-image-gallery .gallery-columns-10 .gallery-item{max-width:10%}}@media (min-width:480px) and (max-width:767px){.elementor-image-gallery .gallery-item,.elementor-image-gallery .gallery-item,.elementor-image-gallery .gallery-item,.elementor-image-gallery .gallery-item,.elementor-image-gallery .gallery-item,.elementor-image-gallery .gallery-item,.elementor-image-gallery .gallery-item,.elementor-image-gallery .gallery-item,.elementor-image-gallery .gallery-item{max-width:50%}}@media (max-width:479px){.elementor-image-gallery .gallery-item,.elementor-image-gallery .gallery-item,.elementor-image-gallery .gallery-item,.elementor-image-gallery .gallery-item,.elementor-image-gallery .gallery-item,.elementor-image-gallery .gallery-item,.elementor-image-gallery .gallery-item,.elementor-image-gallery .gallery-item,.elementor-image-gallery .gallery-item{max-width:100%}}

Dr. Connie Hiers Digital Strategy - Special Event Website Design Slider by Tribu Creative
Dr. Connie Hiers Digital Strategy - Special Event Landing Page by Tribu Creative
Dr. Connie Hiers Digital Strategy - Facial Special Website Design Slider by Tribu Creative
Dr. Connie Hiers Digital Strategy - Facial Special Website Design Landing Page by Tribu Creative
Dr. Connie Hiers Digital Strategy - Product Special Website Design Slider by Tribu Creative
Dr. Connie Hiers Digital Strategy - Product Special Website Design Landing Page by Tribu Creative

These pages work together with email blasts to her email subscribers and investment in targeted digital ads to drive bookings month after month. Each month we are able to reflect on the month previous and even the same month a year before to make educated decisions on how to handle the coming months' sales strategy. You want to repeat a working strategy, but you also want to try and improve it to scale the business even more. This brings us to our next question:

Question #4 Can your old website learn new tricks?

Is the website's strategy flexible and data-driven?

The best strategy is one that improves as you learn. Learning comes from data. Data is the real secret to arriving at success online and if you’re not generating data from your website with google analytics or through some means of tracking goal conversions, you’re driving blind. A perfect example of this is CERI Kids. When they first came to Tribu, they wanted us to build them a beautiful website design that would help inform potential donors and provide a platform to take donations online. This year they asked us to help them drive their annual fundraising campaign with a goal of $500,000. /*! elementor - v3.8.0 - 30-10-2022 */ .elementor-widget-image{text-align:center}.elementor-widget-image a{display:inline-block}.elementor-widget-image a img[src$=".svg"]{width:48px}.elementor-widget-image img{vertical-align:middle;display:inline-block}

CERI KIDS 2022 Campaign Digital StrategyDr. Connie Hiers Digital Strategy - Facial Special Landing Page by Tribu Creative

They typically do this through a combination of email marketing and organic posts. This year we are introducing ad buys on platforms like Facebook to their strategy. In order to track this we have created multiple landing pages as destinations for each distribution method, this will ensure we are able to see what allocations of our budget were effective and which ones were not. This will help us to make even better decisions next year. If you've invested your time and money into a website design for your business, you deserve to have one that you are proud of. If you find yourself troubled by any of these questions, it is time to seek a new web designer… Don’t worry, I know a guy


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