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The 4 Key Reasons Why SEO Matters

The Tribe
January 2, 2023

What is SEO?

SEO is trending. It’s a catchy acronym, but it is also way more than that. SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of refining a website in order to rank it higher on search engines like Google. In essence, SEO is an organic method to direct more high-quality views to and across your website. What does this consist of? It is a process of improving your web page structure, keyword choice, links, and on-page content. SEO is all-encompassing and powerful. Here are four reasons why a good SEO strategy not only creates high-quality websites but also propels your brand to succeed and grow.

Reason 1: Search engine optimization makes your web content more accessible for every end user.

SEO grows brands through awareness and accessibility. This is incredibly important considering as much as 26% of Americans currently have a disability that may inhibit their ability to use electronics. One component of SEO, on-page optimization, includes the process of adding the back-end descriptions: meta tags, alt text, and a photo description. All 3 are key components that allow anyone who uses a screen reader to scroll through content. Naming images, alt text, and updating code so that this demographic can access your website with ease is a socially responsible tool to grow your reach substantially.

Reason 2: You can use SEO to direct the traffic you want to your website.

SEO is defined as boosting your website up Google’s search rankings. Even if you have a large brand presence, you cannot simply create content and build a website and expect it to suddenly appear high on someone’s search results. Utilizing the right keywords across your website and in meta descriptions will present you as the solution to the people searching for an answer to their specific problem. Making your website easy to navigate and reaching out to established sources to link to you will further affirm your trustworthiness to any end user. Search engine optimization brings clarity; end users that aren’t interested in you will leave and those that want to take further action will know how and where to do so. SEO may be a slow process, but it will funnel more high-quality traffic to your website.

Reason 3: SEO works in tandem with advertisements.

Often people view SEO separately from forms of advertising such as paid advertising through social media or tech platforms. However, both funnel people through to your website via link clicks. Search engine optimization works to maximize your ability to capture the audience you target with paid advertisements. Whether you drive action to the website through paid search, paid social media, or backlinks from trustworthy sources, content organization and word choice will allow interested users to find the solution to their problem easier. If you would like to increase your ROI from paid advertising and properly utilize your website, consider properly investing time and effort into updating your SEO strategy.

Reason 4: Search engine optimization won’t cost you a penny.

Unlike paid advertisements, improving the volume of traffic won’t cost you an extra penny. Reaching out for links from established sources, creating foundational content (mainly through blogs), and making your website easy to use will direct traffic toward your website. Search engine optimization creates momentum; you establish legitimacy with your content and general brand appearance. Selecting the proper keyword targeting and making your website easy to use will direct quality traffic to your website. A good SEO strategy will take you to the top of Google's search results. Search engine optimization may seem like a black box. It is a slow and gradual process of updating web page structure, keyword choice, links, and on-page content. SEO requires care and attention but funnels traffic of high quality and volume to your website, propelling your business or brand forward. SEO is an integral part of the marketing process. Build your brand with SEO at Tribu today.


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