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Is Organic Marketing Better Than Paid Advertising?

The Tribe
November 26, 2019

You’re a small business owner and you’re looking to do more for your business when it comes to digital marketing. You feel as if your business has stagnated or is perceived differently than how you’d like it to be perceived. Luckily for you, there is a plethora of options out there that can help you achieve your goals! Whether that be through paid or organic digital marketing.We’ll start off by taking a look at the two options: paid and organic marketing efforts. One route (paid advertising) can yield immediate results if executed correctly, while the other one (organic marketing) can take more time to prove an ROI but allows for authentic and more positive intangible results i.e. brand loyalty. Ideally, a mixture of both options would be the best path to take. But when resources and time are limited, you must pick one or the other and that's completely fine.

Organic Marketing

Let’s examine some questions to ask yourself when evaluating your business and its organic marketing efforts:

  • What is my why and how does it affect every aspect of my business?
  • What are my competitors doing and what are they not doing?
  • What is a marketing channel I can capitalize on that has not been really explored in my industry?
  • What are my business specialties and unique selling points

Once you have answered these questions, this should spark ideas on different organic marketing avenues you can explore. Depending on your answers, some mediums might make more sense for you than for others.For example, if you are a physical therapy clinic that would like to increase the amount of younger patients that come in, but are finding it a challenge. You might consider posting educational videos on youtube about certain exercises or preventative tips on taking care of yourself. Youtube is a platform where younger audiences spend a significant amount of time not only consuming content, but searching for answers to questions they have on certain topics. Distributing content on Youtube on a consistent basis will do three things for you:

  • Assist Search Engine Optimization
  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Drive Traffic to Website

In addition to the listed benefits above, this is something that overtime would help you shape your desired marketing messaging and differentiate you from other clinics around your area (if none of them are currently doing something like that).

Paid Advertising

Maybe you have the budget to spend some advertising $$ on paid marketing efforts. It is important to note, that this is a path that has the potential of bringing in quicker results as well as taking them away if the budget it eliminated.A distinct action to take within this route would be to allocate some of those advertising dollars to an ad product that has recently launched or is relatively new. At the same time, you have to determine if the chosen ad product is a medium where your targeted audience focuses its attention. Carefully calculating this should give you a competitive advantage over your competitors by becoming an early adopter of an unexplored/untapped opportunity.A more traditional way of utilizing paid ads can consist of doing research on ad products that have been working for others within your industry or merely researching the ad products themselves and testing different creative to see what works and what does not! While taking this path might be a safer route, sometimes delving into uncharted advertising territory could mean the beginning of a gold mine.At Tribu, we carefully assess your business needs and deliberately recommend tailored digital marketing solutions that make sense for your business. If you would like to find out more about what this could look like, give us a holler at 210-209-9209.Contact us


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