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Best Digital Campaigns of 2017 (So Far)

The Tribe
February 20, 2017

2017 is off to a rollicking start in the world of digital marketing. Between the Superbowl, Valentine's Day and the Grammy's, the year is already rife with excellent advertising in the digital sphere. I've rounded up some of our favorite, most effective ads. The biggest theme so far? Nobody wants their ads to talk politics - at least, not directly. Audiences are looking to be inspired and simply entertained in 2017.

1. The Hunger Project Valentine's Day Auction

Delving into the world of eCommerce, The Hunger Project used Valentine's Day to highlight its charitable vision in a way that lets donors feel good while they celebrate their loved one. This Australian organization booked several Valentine's Day tables in advance (Dwight Schrute, anyone?) and auctioned them off to provide meals for the hungry while offering up enviable restaurant reservations.

This ad does a great job of inspiring giving without the guilt. The ad's visuals subtly contrast the food and amenities of a restaurant with the lives of those in need, without being overbearing. A Table to End Hunger manages to communicate the huge need of hungry people internationally while providing a solution beyond a simple donation.

2. CURE Auto Insurance - Don't Follow Too Close

In the world of social media marketing, we're always working to connect with consumers in way that's not overly intrusive... this Superbowl ad captures that perfectly.

We've all been on either end of this interaction. The truth is that social media has changed the way we know each other, and CURE captures the timely humor in this by relating to a common experience. Their clever tagline, "Don't follow too close," connects the humor to their service in an organic, memorable way. In digital replay, this ad outperformed more politically sensitive Superbowl spots from companies like Budweiser and Lumber 84.

3. Spotify - Real Playlist Names

Continuing to bring user data into their advertising, Spotify's latest out-of-home and digital campaign centers around bizarre playlist names found on the site. For their video campaign on YouTube, the artists themselves explore strange playlists where their music appears.

The direct connection to users makes them feel valuable and heard by the music streaming conglomerate. Spotify makes fun of users in a friendly, gentle enough way to make them feel included by the company, and others can relate to the strangely specific, hilarious titles.

4. Nike TV Spot "Equality"

Featured by AdWeek as one of the most digitally engaging ads of February, this spot boasts 2.91% digital SOV (share of voice), 4,328,323 online views and 46,369 social actions. It certainly suggests contemporary issues, but avoids an overtly political stance in favor of an inspiring message.

Using the star power of celebrities like LeBron James and Serena Williams, Nike's uplifting message suggests progress and work still to be done. It captures the tone of Nike's "Just Do It" mantra and forges just enough of a connection between current events to seem timely and relevant without alienating any viewers.

5. Introducing Tinder VR

This video from Tinder highlights their prank exhibit at the International Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, where they "remove the V from VR."

In a self-aware move that could be commentary for the digital industry overall, Tinder emphasizes that the best digital experience is one that eventually moves you into the real world - as a consumer, as a person looking for love, and as a human being. At Tribu, we think great digital inspires real-world response and acknowledges the human in everyone. We love seeing digital campaigns that acknowledge the same!

Could your business' advertising be the next best digital campaign of 2017? We think so! Talk to the Tribe.

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