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A Social Media Swish: 5 NBA Twitter accounts that are on fire

The Tribe
December 5, 2019

With social media marketing on the rise, it comes as no surprise businesses are using a multitude of platforms to increase customer engagement. For NBA franchises, the platform just happens to be Twitter.

With 134 million daily active users, Twitter serves as the perfect platform for NBA fans to access real-time game updates, league statistics, breaking news, trash talk, and basketball-oriented memes. Franchises can use Twitter to increase engagement with fans, boost ticket sales, and much more.

As the NBA season starts to ramp up, I’ve compiled a list of five NBA franchises that are dominating the Twitter-sphere. Keep in mind – these are in no particular order…these are just some of the best in the league (in my opinion).

The Phoenix Suns

Am I biased because I’m a Suns fan? Probably…but Phoenix’s Twitter game is absolute fire (no pun intended). For an organization that has been tragically awful for the past four years, the Suns social media team has done a fantastic job of highlighting their newfound success. By taking shots at teams they defeat, posting videos of the Suns Gorilla celebrating each win, and using hilarious GIFs, the Suns are back and better than ever.

The Houston Rockets

The Houston Rockets social team has H-town on lock. Each tweet is loaded with clever emoji use, stellar graphic design, and custom Rockets-themed memes, making it one of the most enjoyable accounts in the NBA. Houston’s social team also runs campaigns that maximize engagement with the community, growing the Rockets’ loyal fan base each and every day.

🚀 #SpaceCitySaturdays Launches 11/30!

We will be rocking our City Edition Uniforms each Saturday & on Christmas day.— Houston Rockets (@HoustonRockets) November 19, 2019

The Golden State Warriors

Talk about wild. The Warriors went from being the NBA’s biggest bullies to being one of the most-bullied in a matter of months. Although the Warriors aren’t as strong as they once were, their social media team has managed to stay positive and upbeat – even when they’re losing games by 48 points. By staying true to their roots and not shying away from the ugly, the Warriors social team has been able to maintain their popularity in the Bay Area.

The Philadelphia 76ers

You can tell the 76ers Twitter is going to be on point just by reading their bio, which reads: “fresh sixers #content on the reg.” Their social team is doing it right. The Twitter page is loaded with punny content and almost all tweets have some sort of tie to pop culture and what’s currently trending on socials.

The Sacramento Kings

Although the Kings haven’t had a winning season since 2006 (yes, shots fired), I’ll be the first to admit their Twitter game is consistently consistent. The Kings aren’t afraid to call out teams across the league and do a good job of using different text formats and emojis to keep their account hip and engaging.

Suns DID NOT win.#KingsFTW— Sacramento Kings (@SacramentoKings) November 20, 2019

NBA franchises have leveraged Twitter to grow their fandoms, create dialogue with fans, and promote the league overall. With a combined 945 million likes and followers across all league, team, and player social platforms, the NBA is slammin’ the social media game.

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