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5 Ways To Gain Traction On Amazon

The Tribe
May 22, 2020

From lowering overhead costs to changing our online buying expectations with the introduction of Prime, Amazon’s influence over retailers and consumers is continuing to grow. As consumers, it’s now easier than ever to find what you’re looking for, read honest reviews, and receive orders in as little as two days.For retailers, although your competition constantly grows on Amazon, it’s a great place to receive mass discovery and brand awareness otherwise not easily done unless listed highly on Google’s SEO ranked pages. For example, in just one simple search, hundreds of products become quickly introduced to a mass audience, allowing them to become familiar with brands unknown to them beforehand regardless of product amount or size of the company. After entering your product into Amazon and allowing them to go live, it’s essential to know these five ways to gain traction and optimize to increase profitability and awareness.

#1: Implement A+ Content

The A+ content feature allows you to collide product information with branding and design to create a visual story. Each product listing is allowed it’s very own space for A+ content located underneath its description. In fact, sellers who incorporate A+ content effectively into their listings result in higher conversion rates, increased traffic, and sales. For instance, according to Amazon, by simply adding A+ Content into your marketing strategy, you can increase your sales by an average of 3-10%.

#2: Develop An Amazon Store

Amazon stores can boost organic ranking on Amazon feeds and increase sales simply by acting as a hub for all of your new and featured products. It also allows you to introduce your brand to any new customers that may stumble upon your products and want to learn more.

#3 Learn Amazon Advertising Manager

Just like Facebook, Amazon comes with its own management system for ad creation and implementation. We recommend identifying keywords and deciding your budget before you set them up (ads are charged by cost per click). There are three different ads available to Amazon sellers.

  1. Sponsored Products
  3. Sponsored Brands
  5. Sponsored Display

Sponsored Products

With Sponsored Products, you can select which products to advertise, choose keywords/product attributes to target, or allow Amazon's systems to target relevant keywords automatically. You also control how much you want to spend on your bids and budgets and can measure your ads' performance.

Sponsored Brands

Sponsored Brands feature your brand logo, a custom headline, and up to three of your products. They appear in multiple locations on desktop and mobile pages, including the above search results. When Amazon shoppers click your brand logo, it’ll direct them to your store or a simple landing page. When they click a product, they go to the product’s detailed listing.

Sponsored Display

Sponsored Display enables you to reach relevant audiences, browsing both on and off Amazon, by using auto-generated display creative that helps inspire purchases and have the familiar Amazon look and feel. Based on the targeting options you select, your ads can run on Amazon desktop and mobile, both on detail pages and across other Amazon pages as well the ability to reach audiences off Amazon across third-party publishers.

#4 Start Amazon Promotions

With Amazon Promotions, you can easily start generating interested buyers with special social media promo codes that will create a unique marketing page to share with your customers on social media, emails, and/or influencer marketing. You can also control how the promotion will be marketed, how many units can be sold and the number of times it is redeemed.

#5: Join The Amazon Early Reviewer Program

Having reviews on your listings can increase sales up to 3.5 times. The Amazon Early Reviewer Program gets you up to 5 reviews by offering a $3 gift card in exchange for those who purchase a product and leave feedback.Although Amazon is a fairly level playing field, meaning small businesses can appear on the feed next to large, well-recognized companies, by implementing these 5 additional steps, you’ll be able to create a complete buying experience and entire creative campaigns that will further reach potential customers and help surpass your competition.

Want to implement Amazon into your marketing strategy? Reach out to one of our experienced Strategists to learn more.


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