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5 Content Marketing Strategies for 2023

The Tribe
February 1, 2023

Content marketing is a powerful tool that has become increasingly important for businesses to succeed in the digital age. Content marketing can help you reach and engage audiences, build brand recognition, and drive conversions – but only if it’s done right. As content marketing trends evolve so quickly, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve and know what works best for your audience. These are the top 5 Content Marketing Trends for 2023 you need to be aware of to stay ahead of the game and make sure your content stands out:

1. Short-form Video:

Short-form videos are becoming more popular as people have less time to watch long videos. In 2022, it is estimated that 82% of internet traffic was from video. This means that more people are watching videos on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. As a content creator, you can take advantage of this trend by making short videos that are easy to watch and share. You can use short-form videos to quickly explain your product, teach something new, or update your audience on your brand.

2. Human-focused Content:

For 2023, a major trend for content marketing will be content that connects with audiences and speaks to them directly. Content creators should focus on making content that their target audience will like by understanding what they care about and empathizing with their pain points. Content should be tailored to the audience’s needs, interests, and preferences to make sure that it is interesting and people will remember it.

3. Strategic SEO:

Content marketers should focus on creating content that works with search engine optimization (SEO). This means including relevant keywords and phrases to rank higher in search results. Focusing on creating high-quality, relevant content by using strategic keywords and letting Google organically raise that content to the top. This will ensure that the content is relevant, informative, and engaging.

4. Podcasts:

2021 was a big year for podcasts, with U.S. consumers listening to a whopping 15 billion hours of audio content. And it looks like this trend is here to stay: Podcasts are predicted to be one of the most popular content marketing trends of 2023. If you're thinking about creating a podcast, remember to focus on creating high-quality audio content that is entertaining, educational, and informative. You can use your podcast to discuss topics related to your brand or industry and build relationships with your audience.

5. Consistency:

In order to be successful in content marketing in 2023, it is important to be consistent with your content creation. This means creating a regular schedule of content that can be shared across multiple platforms. This will help build credibility and trust with your audience. Try to mix up the types of content you create, including static posts, videos, reels, and TikToks. Content Marketing in 2023 will be about creating content that is engaging and different from what everyone else is doing. This could include short-form videos, human-focused content, strategic SEO, podcasts, and being consistent. At Tribu, we help our partners create successful strategies that meet their brand’s needs.


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