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3 Tools to Engage Potential Clients Online as a B2B

The Tribe
October 14, 2022

Engaging potential clients online as a highly technical company can be difficult, especially if your target client is not always in a technical field. You must use a balance of strategy, creativity, and the right tools to effectively market yourself as a B2B. Nyriad Ultra IO is a perfect example of a business that may be difficult to sell with an elevator pitch;“The Nyriad® UltraIO™ data storage system uses the processing power of GPUs and advanced algorithms to deliver unprecedented performance, resiliency, and efficiency with low total cost of ownership.”… Don’t worry, I didn't understand that either when I built the Ultra IO webpage where that quote lives. Thankfully, Nyriad planned ahead and had a wonderful 3-minutes 21-second explanation video to accompany their opening paragraph.

Tool # 1: VIDEO video is the perfect way to make a technical product easily understood by a potential client that didn’t even know they needed it. Nyriads video not only serves this purpose on the website but is used for paid advertising on Linkedin. Well-produced brand material may be expensive to start with but is essential for this to work and an investment that is well worth it in the long run.Paid advertising on social media is a winning strategy for most any business, but not a replacement for organic content when it comes to engaging potential clients online. Organic content can be a huge challenge for a technical B2B; Nyriad is again a shining example of a well-thought-out organic content strategy for this type of business.

Tool # 2: BLOG 

Nyriad Featured Blog Slider

Nyriad's blog is an extremely efficient tool that they use to engage potential clients both on social media and on their website.The webpage is structured in two segments, the hero slider with featured blogs, and the archive that sits below it.

Nyriad Blog Archive

Each blog they post is featured on this page and can be filtered by a range of attributes. These filters invite the user to continue interacting with the site, helping them to find topics they are interested in and find out more about the company; this pushes them further and further into the website. Nyriad uses this blogs to market themselves in a way that goes deeper than just the product they offer, they use it to market their company by the individuals that the company is comprised of, as well as keeping the user up to date with company news, events, and press releases. Each of these blog posts can be dual purposed as organic content for social media.These videos and blogs are pieces of the most important tool a business aiming for online engagement can have, an awesome website!


Nyriad Ultra IO Home Page

Nyriad's website, like most, was built with the goal of informing users and converting them into leads. They rely on paid advertising on Google and LinkedIn to funnel potential clients to their website, and on an engaging user experience once there, to convert a potential client into a lead. This conversion process is built into every page with elegant information displays, engaging content, and calls to action.The information displays can be found throughout the website, my favorite example is the case study and solutions brief slider found on the home page. Both slides were designed to entice you into reading PDFs so full of information it may come off intimidating at first, but there is nothing intimidating about this beautiful slider.

Nyriad Digital Image
Nyriad ATTO Solutions Brief

Another wonderful example of this is found on the Ultra IO page under Use Cases.


Nyriad's website does an excellent job of using elements of its blog to break up all of the technical information. You can see an example of this on the homepage under the In The News section. This section features posts from the News and Events section of their blog. The section was built with dynamic pulling and auto-populates with the most recent blogs from that category, eliminating the need for a person to edit the section for any reason.

Nyriad Home Page News Section

All of these elements of the website are complemented with a call to action promoting the user to be converted into a lead. You can see the orange button reading “REQUEST A DEMO” in the top right corner of the screen. This button appears in the menu that sticks to every page. The button links to the Request Demo Page where the conversion form lives.

Nyriad Request Demo Page

Everything Nyriad has done for online marketing is to get a potential client to this page. With that in mind, they were very conscious of the user experience of this page and the form that lives here. The form is simple, to the point, and offers the user helpful prompts to ensure user error is minimized. All of these efforts work together to engage potential clients online and convert them into leads.Although it can be difficult to plan a strategy for marketing a B2B online, it is absolutely necessary and there are examples out there. Nyriad is one such company to watch and learn from in this respect and it has been wonderful to work with them on this website!


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