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3 Fashion Empires you Should Follow For Marketing Strategy Inspiration

The Tribe
September 12, 2020

Are you looking for great marketing ideas as inspo to help build your brand? The ever-popular Michael Kors, the strong and steady Calvin Klein, and the daring and high-fashion Valentino have set themselves apart in the digital marketing industry. Whether your company is a fashion brand or a law firm, these insights are practical for any brand.

Michael Kors

Michael Kors is a pro at social media strategy, last year their social engagement came in first place during New York Fashion Week. With top models like Bella Hadid gracing their Instagram account, Michael Kors is influencing consumers with images of who their target audience aspires to be and a lifestyle they want to live - hanging on the beach, stuffing beignets in their mouth, and playing dress-up. What this multi-billion dollar company does well is keep consistent messaging across all social media platforms. Their most recent video on Facebook shows the "One Woman Show" where Bella Hadid has a fun destination photoshoot with luxury merchandise, aligning with the imagery they’ve been filling their Instagram feed with.This fashion-forward brand uses imagery that is bright and fun, bringing excitement to the user's phone and making them want to explore with their Michael Kors handbag while wearing Wonderlust, a Michael Kors fragrance. Most importantly, they never "oversell" their products. If you "sell, sell, sell," customers will "unfollow, unfollow, unfollow," it's as simple as that.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is an iconic brand that has stood the test of time. Their imagery on social media is one of inclusivity and diversity being reflected through various body types, ethnicities, and physical appearances. This is a bold move for the legendary brand, and it makes a statement that resonates with their audience.Their use of hashtags as a vehicle to continue the campaign narrative throughout different platforms allows users to interact with the campaign in unique ways. Calvin Klein used #proudinmycalvins to show their commitment to inclusivity throughout Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. During Pride Month, Calvin Klein made it their mission to show all types of love, from their testimonial posts on identity on Instagram, to their proud partnerships with OutRight Action International's COVID-19 Global Emergency Fund, onePULSE Foundation, and PFLAG National. They claim their company's values loud and proud.Following in Calvin Klein's footsteps, you should ask yourself questions like, "What does my brand stand for?" and "How can I make it more powerful?" No matter the statement, Tribu Creative can establish your brand on social media and propel your company to the next level.


Valentino is a high-fashion brand focused on haute couture. Creativity is jumping through every photo, as it should be! They also use plenty of exciting video content, which gets them more engagement on Instagram. Valentino currently has stark contrast on their Instagram and powerful imagery that speaks directly to their target audience, especially through their most recent campaign.They are currently running a donation campaign for Valentino Empathy, a project that exudes "empathy" as a way to bring us together even though we are practicing social distancing, donations go to Lazzaro Spallanzani Hospital in Rome. The visual impact of Valentino Empathy aligns with the current visual direction of the brand. This new campaign seamlessly entered their feed and matches throughout each social platform. Any company that decides to run a philanthropic campaign should be strategic in execution and make sure it doesn’t stray too far from the brand’s identity. Let the creative strategy experts at Tribu Digital Agency craft a campaign that shows where your heart is.What do all of these fashion empires' social media strategies have in common? They use influencers to connect with their target audience and create genuine connections with the consumer's tastes and preferences. They are visually strong - using similar color schemes throughout each campaign, sticking to the season, and staying within the current campaign strategy, even when introducing new initiatives to keep up with our ever-changing world. They use hashtags to tie their campaigns together on each platform, like Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. Last but not least, they are integrating videography into their content. Building a digital strategy is all about knowing your audience and keeping them at the top of your mind.All it takes is a digital marketing strategy built by experts in the marketing industry to take your social media game to the next level. Are you looking to build your brand and following on social media? Contact us, pronto!Contact us


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